We are pleased to announce that MarketPro will now be providing Critical Dates, Monthly Updates, and Lease Abstracts electronically!

No more binders!
No more abstracts via US Mail!

As usual, every month you will receive your Critical Dates, Lease Administration Updates, and Lease Abstracts; however, NOW you will receiving them via email. After we receive your responses to the Critical Dates, we will update the database, generate the new reports and email the electronic version to our client contact. Our clients can now save the Critical Dates, Lease Administration Updates and Lease Abstracts on their shared drive for all staff members to access easily.

This new tool not only lessens our carbon footprint, but allows you, the client, the capability to email the Lease Administration Updates and Lease Abstracts to other members of your staff, to asset managers, and to owners without having to going through the process of making copies or manually scanning each page.

Our Due Diligence clients will also benefit from this upgrade by saving precious time when pursuing an acquisition of a new asset. Our client will receive the electronic version via email immediately after our due diligence is complete and not have to wait for us to overnight the reports and lease abstracts.

This month you will receive two email attachments to the monthly updates. One attachment will be Monthly Updates. The second attachment will be all of the Lease Abstracts for your property. Please save these two ÿles separately on your computer. Next month, you will only receive the monthly updates file. Erase the previous month's updates and replace with the new one. This is the same process as when we sent new reports ("out with the old, in with the new") - except you simply use one finger to delete the old file and a few clicks to replace with the new reports! When we send updated Lease Abstracts, please go into the Lease Abstract ÿle, erase the old Lease Abstract, then save the new one to the Lease Abstract file.

We will be following up with each and every client when we send the first set of electronic reports to you to ensure your satisfaction and confirm you can view all of the reports and abstracts.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me:
(219) 558.8720.


Jill Piunti
MarketPro Consulting, Inc.

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John Handcock Center The City of Chicago has engaged MarketPro to consult on 22 of their properties. MarketPro will be providing Property Management Services, performing property inspections and working with city officials with respect to capital repairs and maintenance on these properties. We are both proud and excited to add the City of Chicago to our growing portfolio of clientele.

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