Due Diligence is most commonly performed for the following clients:

1. Brokers valuing a property for sale
2. Lenders or owners acquisitioning/dispositioning a property
3. Property Managers acquiring a new property management assignment

During Due Diligence, leases are abstracted into a database. The client
determines which items are to be abstracted via the “Abstract Checklist”. Once the leases are abstracted, an electronic file of abstract reports is emailed, or a binder of abstracts are compiled in chronological order along with reports specific to the checklist items.

Due Diligence has two purposes:

1. To create the initial database of information for a property. The database is then updated on an on-going basis as described further in Lease Administration.

2. A “One Time” need for potential Owners, Brokers or Lenders for the analysis of the rent roll, expense recoveries, options, encumbrances, tenant and landlord obligations (or other items the client wishes to be abstracted for analysis).

The benefits to outsourcing Due Diligence is most Lenders, Owners, Brokers, and property management companies do not have staff at their disposal to abstract leases, because it is simply not economical. In addition, MarketPro Consulting’s database allows the abstracting to be completed in fewer hours, which results in client savings as well.

This service is typically budgeted in the acquisitions budget for Lenders and Owners and most often times a pass-through for property management
companies as a consulting service.


We recommend clients update their database on an on-going basis. After the due diligence is performed, MarketPro becomes your “off site” lease
administrator. The client currently possesses a book of all current abstracts and reports, the “Lease Administration Binder.” Going forward, MarketPro will be part of your lease distribution. We receive all leases, amendments and other documents that legally amend the terms of the executed lease. Either new abstracts are generated or existing abstracts are updated and new copies are forwarded to the client to be inserted into the Lease Administration Binder within 7 days of MarketPro’s receipt of new documents.

On the last day of each month, a list of “action dates” requiring verification or direction from management are forwarded to the property management
contact. When applicable, the contact either notes directly on the report, or responds via memo or e-mail preferably within 7 days of receipt. The MarketPro consultant then updates the abstracts (i.e., Pro Rata adjustment, Letter of Credit increase, LL or Tenant notification, etc.).

Finally, MarketPro forwards the updated abstracts along with the property’s updated Rent Roll, Stacking Plan, Expiration Report, and other reports as
specified by the client.


The following general information is included on all abstracts:

1. Tenant Name
2. Commencement and Expiration Date
3. Documents Abstracted
4. Suite/Floor
5. Square Footage
6. Rent
7. Expense Recoveries

The following items may also be abstracted for the client’s use and reference:

OPTIONS Use/Exclusivities/Restrictions
Renewal Holdover
Expansion/Contraction Landlord Supervision
Termination Default
Right of First Offer/ Refusal Late Fees & Interest
Sublease/Assignment Insurance
Purchase Estoppel
Relocation Options Hazardous Materials
Other (Specify)
Utilities (Specify) RETAIL CLAUSES
Guarantors Percent in Lieu
Security Deposit/Letter of Credit Go-Dark
Parking Hours of Operation
Tenant Improvement Allowance Dues/Fees



1. As an “off site” lease administrator, we save costs in salaries, benefits,
equipment, and office space. In addition, as a consulting service, our
fees can be passed through operating expenses at the property.

2. Our “Action Dates” report will detail critical information to you every
month. If a Tenant’s proportionate share is scheduled to adjust, a letter
of credit is up for renewal, or if an obligation (landlord or tenant) needs
to be fulfilled, this “checks and balances” report ensures a timely
response. In addition, the action will be noted on the abstract for future

3. The abstract is your first point of reference for any lease information
needed. Time is saved in “digging through” leases that are rarely
standard. In addition, if you need to further research abstract
information in the lease, the section and page is always noted in the
abstract for quick reference.

4. For multiple properties, our standardized reports and abstracts simplify
time-consuming interpretation for all parties.

5. The non-graphical Stacking Plan is linked directly to the abstract
database, ensuring up-to-date information every month. In addition,
the optional MRSA column will show any variances assisting you in
maintaining up-to-date graphical stacking plans as well.

6. If specific issues, such as an Encumbrance or Right of First Offer, needs to
be addressed, our reports can be quickly referenced – specifically to one
tenant or the entire building.

7. Once the database is in place, we can run action date reports and even
project them out 20 or more years! Historical reports can be done as


Our product is a useful tool for our client’s use and reference. If our products and services are not used properly, or if the clients internal procedures are not structured effectively, imperative information, critical action dates, or financial obligations can easily be overlooked. Depending on the client’s needs and specifications, we will perform and/or customize a training program for internal lease administration and procedures. Some examples are:

1. New employee training
2. How to abstract a lease
3. Managing action dates
4. Operating Expenses/Tax pro rata calculations
5. Reading and evaluating reports



Our consultants have an average of 14+ years commercial real estate
experience in property management and property accounting. We can provide the following services:

1. On-site Property Management Consulting*
Maternity or other leave of absence
Transition properties
Interim property management
2. Consumer Price Index/Operating Expense Reconciliation
3. Budgeting
4. Accounting Services
5. Rent Roll Audits
6. Contract Bidding and/or Standardization
7. Construction/Contractor/Vendor Guidelines
8. Tenant Newsletter
9. Tenant Retention Program
10. Tenant Surveys
11. Tenant Manual
12. Tenant Contact Procedures

* On-site Property Management is dependent upon availability. This service is best obtained well in advance of the assignment dates.


MarketPro can prepare, collate, distribute and collect Estoppels during the due diligence process. Again, due to MarketPro’s database, we can complete the creation of the Estoppels in far less time than a property management team without a database tool.



MarketPro Consulting, Inc. assists clients with leasing activity as follows:

1. Reconciling as leased square footage to remeasured square footage
2. SDI tracking and maintenance
3. “Additional Agreements” clean-up and maintenance (i.e., parking
agreements, storage leases, antenna agreements)


MarketPro will audit the integrity of the client’s in-house database information for accuracy, integrity and completeness.

This service is a valuable method of managing and assessing the work quality of internal lease administration departments or of out-sourced service providers.

Additionally, MarketPro will “Pre-Audit” lease files to ensure favorable results from internal or external audits.


MarketPro will “Pre-Audit’ a building to ensure favorable results from an
ownership or tenant audit.


We will review the calculation of the tenant’s pro rata share of expenses to determine compliance with the lease. We will also review the annual
expenditures to ensure the proper capitalization and/or classification.


In our pre-audit we will review management practices for compliance with owner requirements. We will review prior audits and the management
agreement to determine areas of interest to the owner. We can also perform a financial review to determine that expenditures were correctly capitalized and classified.

This service is provided at our quoted hourly rate.


We will customize a marketing package to a broker’s specifications to meet their needs in the presentation and marketing of a property. Some options are:

1. Lease Administration Book
2. Reports
3. Graphical Color Stacking Plan

We are, in essence, their lease administrator and administrative support,
assembling as many reports and abstract books as needed.

Residential Property Management

MarketPro has a unique philosophy to Property Management. We customize our services to our client’s needs as opposed to providing a standardized
management agreement.

MarketPro “thinks like an owner” and evaluates each client’s needs to quickly evaluate the property’s residential base, financial performance, code compliance and contract performance. We also inspect all properties at the time of
acquisition with a 35 page checklist.

We are a team-based organization. Our staff of experienced managers,
accountants and support staff ensures your matters are handled with efficiency and expertise.

We can provide Property Management Services for you whether you have a small or large condominium association, cooperative, townhome association, homeowner association or other residential property.

Before a management assignment commences, MarketPro provides specific and structured notification to interested parties when acquiring a new property under MarketPro management. Once a new property has been contracted for, it is extremely important to give timely and proper notice to all interested parties; For example:

1. Residents
2. Contractors and Vendors
3. Utilities
4. Municipalities
5. Taxing Authorities
6. Unions

MarketPro’s management team supports in the “Take Over” transition by
immediately establishing procedures, property management office
administration and notification of new management.

Financial reporting and accounting information is typically obtained prior to the commencement of the management assignment in order to familiarize the team with the financial condition and structure of the asset. By having
MarketPro well informed and prepared reduces the risks that issues are not addressed in a timely manner. Briefing by ownership or its agent should be formal. If we are briefed on reason for structure, purpose of each entity, entity naming that we will be responsible for maintaining the accounting records, tax issues associated with entities, reporting requirement, etc. As a result, we can
effectively manage the asset and utilize MarketPro’s in-house resources to solve complex problems, and to develop a tailored management strategy for each client property.

MarketPro’s General Contracting Division can also provide construction
management services for capital improvement projects or resident alterations.

Property Management Services include:

• Collecting Assessments
• Managing building staff
• Hiring or termination of building staff
• Accounting and payroll service
• Budgeting
• Arranging and making payments for needed repairs
• Managing and bidding building contracts
• Periodic inspection of grounds to insure proper maintenance
• Hosting of Monthly Board of Directors meeting and meeting minutes
• Issuing monthly financial reports and year-end account statements to
• Enforcing By-Laws and House Rules
• Other services as determined necessary on a case-by-case basis.

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